Values are what define each one of us

With a country divided, where do we go next?

Now more than ever- our values are what need to remain at the center of everything we do.

In the wake of the presidential election the results showed that the popular vote was for Hillary Clinton while the electoral vote won for Donald Trump. The majority of the American people voted for a change in government and, pardon the expression, Trump trumped this election.

People are dissatisfied and our country is more divided than it has been in decades. We must go back to what each of us hold sacred, our values.


Values are what define each one of us. Use them as a framework for how we behave individually and as a group. Instead of being complacent with how things are in the world we must choose to BE EXPLICIT about the values of our organizations to keep them strong.


Join me in choosing to do business differently!

-Nick Sarillo

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