4 Steps to Accountability

What does being accountable to your team look like? In a purpose driven culture being accountable plays such a huge role for innovation and streamlining processes for change. Each of us is accountable to one another in the business. Whether a team member or a manager we all feel a level of respect relaying to being responsible. Being responsible for our own skills, development, and improvements in our workgroup are all part of being in a learning organization.

In many businesses you have a boss and that is the only person you have to answer to, this is not the case in our culture. Not only do you have a leader who is there to support you but also a team full of people to collaborate with. This is the unique piece about being in a purpose driven culture, you have the ability and are accountable to make change where it is needed and quickly. Accountability all starts with you!

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Accounting: On Purpose

Here we are about 30 days after our all-team meeting and I sit with a question of how to keep the team on track and energized. We all agreed on our vision and lined up our energy and set out to accomplish some big, hairy goals.

There probably isn’t a perfect answer to this and I am sure that in many companies with different environments, it might depend on many moving pieces. We for sure have our own challenges within the restaurant business; having so many part time people doing many other careers and being students. We are finding that our discipline with our fiscal huddles is the perfect opportunity to keep the team aligned and on track, or maybe even change tracks if need be.

Put the profit and loss statement on a big board for the team to see all week long. Include the most relevant line items that make up you gross margins. Make sure the critical number is on top and in bold. Have team members own a line item for the period (or month). With each line ownership comes the responsibility to forecast that number, report the number and deliver results on the number.

Keep 25% of the board open for action steps that can be kept public and keep the big goals present on this board and relate the progress back to the goals. Celebrate the behaviors that support great progress, high five the team and get out of the way! Trust the team and the process, keep the discipline and track the results.

We have not perfected this process yet and I bet others have some other ways to stay on track with vision; let me know what works for you!

Accountability: On Purpose

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, “Hiring For ‘IT’: On Purpose”, from the very beginning of our hiring process at Nick’s Pizza & Pub, we’re tracking for a purpose and values match. Another message that’s important in high performance is accountability.

 We send this message as well even before a team member starts. When a new applicant hands in an application and we say yes to an interview, the applicant actually signs up for their own interview time. We have an interview binder that has scheduled interview times. We open the binder up to the days available and we ask the applicant to pick a time and sign their name to the time they picked. Now that individual is accountable to the time that they’ve picked—not the time we picked. They are accountable to being at the interview on time as well. Believe me, we track whether that interviewee is there on time, 5 minutes early, or not. 

Before someone even gets hired, we’re already paying attention to the messages we’re sending to a new team member around our definition of excellence and our expectations. The messages a company sends come through in many different ways. The strongest signals are sent from our actions. What message is your hiring process sending to your interested candidates?  Will it attract the best and highest performing talent?  How will you know?

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