Nearly every town has at least one pizza restaurant. People never consider looking to them as a source of business and leadership wisdom…until they learn about Nick’s Pizza and Pub. So, why would you want a “pizza restaurant guy” to speak at your next convention or meeting? Here is why…

  • Nick relates immediately to your audience. He is so much more than a speaker or restaurant guy…he is an active business owner and a respected leader by his employees, peers and the communities he serves…someone who is in the trenches just like them every day. He practices all the business-changing ideas, strategies and processes he reveals during his keynotes.
  • Nick is a real guy and great story-teller. Nick openly shares his mistakes as well as his successes from more than 25 years of entrepreneurship. Your audience will relate to his authentic answers of how to deal with their day-to-day business challenges. Your audience will leave inspired and equipped with tools they can implement in their own companies and jobs immediately.
  • Nick brings credibility to your stage. He owns and actively operates one of the top ten busiest independent pizza companies in per-store sales in the U.S. His restaurants have profit margins nearly twice that of the average pizza restaurant. In an industry in which the average annual turnover rate is more than 150 percent, Nick’s Pizza & Pub boasts less than 25 percent employee turnover rate. Incredible when you consider 70 percent or more of his employees are under the age of 25!
  • Nick is passionate about making a difference in others’ businesses and lives. Nick has proven that you do not need to be a large, sexy company to have a great culture and create a profitable brand. His passion for sharing how they can do it too is contagious. Nick currently serves as a mentor and coach to CEOs and leaders from technology startups to the health and fitness, retail and manufacturing industries.

The New York Times, NBC Nightly News and Inc Magazine are just a few media to have featured Nick as a role model for other business owners and leaders. Nick shares his expertise and wisdom through his speaking engagements, Trust-and-Track™ Institute experiential learning classes, blogs and book.